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Making School Less Scary For Your Toddler

“Every child is a different kind of FLOWER, and all together, makes this world a beautiful GARDEN.” – Anonymous By nature, children are full of happiness and enjoyment in life. They live what they see and believe. However, it is inevitable that children will feel afraid of something most of the time. Just like adults, …

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10 Myths Of Exercising You Don’t Know About

There are many misconceptions regarding exercise that exist till today. Here are some of the most common exercise myths as well as the not-so-common facts based on current exercise research. Exercise Myth 1. Low-intensity workout burns more fat In general, low-intensity exercise has its place — it’s less stressful on joints. However, one should know …

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Are Ready To Work From Home?

Lipstick is a cosmetic product containing pigments, oils, waxes, and emollients that apply color, texture, and protection to the lips. Many colors and types of lipstick exist. As with most other types of makeup, lipstick is typically, but not exclusively, worn by women. Some lipsticks are also lip balms, to add color and hydration.