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How To Manage Behaviour In The Classroom


Confidence Move

The confidence move you make when you know you’ve unleashed your potential and serving your God-given purpose.

This is me this morning ready to go and deliver my lessons at a school.

I had three classes today and the subjects I covered were A-level Business Studies, GCSE Business Studies, and GCSE Digital Media Studies.

The lessons went very well and the students were of good behaviour except very few that tries to be naughty once in a while.

It’s highly imperative for schools to have strict rules and procedures in place for behaviour management as this helps the teacher to be in charge and deliver lessons well for the benefits of the students who are keen to learn.

Have a Good Command of Your Classroom:

One important strategy for every teacher to use in the classroom is to have a good command of the classroom ever before your lesson starts then you can relax when you know you’ve got the students on your side. This can be achieved by setting some classroom rules and expectations.

If you miss having that command the first time, it will be very difficult to get your students to behave the way you want them to.

Take Necessary Cation As Required:

Another strategy is to ensure you take action if any student goes against your classroom rules and expectations. If you fail to take action, they will think you are a joke and will take you for granted which will be hard to change.

Create Classroom Rules and Expectations:

Aside the school rules and procedures for behavior management, the importance of having your own classroom rules and expectations cannot be over-emphasised as it doesn’t only give you the full charge of your classroom and students but it actually gives you the full confidence you need to deliver your lessons excellently and handle the behaviour of your students effectively.

School Support:

Having said that, establishing a strong behaviour management procedure in schools is highly imperative as if such a procedure isn’t available, then the teacher’s classroom rules and expectations may not be highly effective.

The support from school gives the teacher the confidence required to deliver effective teaching and encourages effective learning from the students.

Having a student who isn’t keen to learn will cause disruption in the classroom which will have a negative effect on the other students hence affecting the learning procedures.

To avoid this, there should be a measure in place whereby such students could be removed from the classroom to another room where they can reflect on their behaviour and should also be given some punishments to face the consequences of their unruly behaviour in the classroom.

In Conclusion:

Class behaviour management isn’t that hard at all if all the above is put in place that is, Teachers’ classroom rules and expectations, and most importantly, the schools set rules and procedures for behaviour management.

I know some teachers who actually make the students create the classroom rules by themselves and everyone agrees to the rules. Once the rules are made, the students design it as posters and place it all over the wall in their classroom.

This can be highly effective if you have your own classroom whereby students come to you for the lessons otherwise creating it yourself and having it as a display on your PowerPoint is just fine.

Depending on the height of behaviour and the caliber of students in your classroom, you may decide to show it at every lesson or every other lesson. But the most important day to use this method is the very first day in school after every holiday.

These methods are tried and tested methods by myself and some other teachers and it has been proven to be highly effective.

Try it out and let me know how it goes. If you’ve been using these strategies, let me know in the comment session if it worked for you and still works.

Remain the good you and keep smiling πŸ™‚


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