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Limit How Much Debt You Take On

Debt has ruined a lot of lives and families. It has caused so many to be poor which has led to many suffering from chronic stress leading to anxiety and depression. Even the wealthy people in debt suffer from depression due to that not to talk of a Mum who is barely depending on salary or some sort of benefits.

Sometimes, these people incur debt on themselves due to indulging in a lot of frivolous spending. Buying items they are not necessary and do not need it.

Most people live their lives for people in the sense that they want to impress others without thinking about their circumstances and the future of their children.

Why would a mum who knows she is not financially buoyant indulge in a designer shopping spree and extravagant holidays? When a mum told me that she is in so much debt that the credit companies are now on her case. When I asked her why she allowed herself to be in such a mess, she said it was because she was buying so many clothes as she loves fashion. She also stated that she likes going on a holiday because she needs to unwind after stress.

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Ok I get it that we all need clothes and we need holidays…..but do you have to buy designer clothing when you know you cannot afford it? Do you have to go on an expensive holiday when you very well know that your finances cannot cover it?

You do not have to buy designer clothing to look good. Luckily enough, we have various high street stores that sell nice-looking clothing at affordable prices. What matters in dressing is the combination. You can buy a Β£5 dress and the way you combine it will speak volumes.

And for the holidays, I don’t believe that the holiday must be expensive before we can enjoy ourselves! There are many holiday deals on the internet to choose from. Also booking it quite early and getting deals makes it even cheaper. (I will create a separate post on how to find good deals)

Watch the video below to learn how you can limit your debt!

It’s important to limit the amount and type of debt you take on.



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