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Top Ten Security Tips In Creating “Barriers”

Purchasing homeowners insurance or renter's insurance is a good idea
for a couple of reasons. You should always keep your documents (like
divorce papers, passports, birth certificates, and restraining orders),
your valuables with a video recorder and place this recording in a safety
deposit box away from the premises.

Why Insurance?

Imagine a fire, theft or burglary. If your ex decides you have something he or she wants or doesn’t want you to have a vengeful house fire could happen. It is also smart to protect yourself and such insurance is effective. Store your most expensive items, documents in a safety deposit box or fake storage container (hollowed-out book, fake in
plain site safe).



Research wireless and motion infrared cameras

(very affordable kits exist for a few hundred dollars or less) that can record, broadcast and be moved easily to any location and even be disguised to look like other

Make sure every camera you purchase or a safety system can produce date and time stamps. It will be a lifesaver in a courtroom if need be.

For more info check out:

Lock doors and windows every time you leave the house and when you are HOME as well. I know it sounds simple but most people do NOT lock their doors during the day when they are home. You must lock your
doors at all times (barrier principle).

Join neighborhood watch or start one –

One of the most overlooked strategies for self-protection and it costs nothing. Yet even a watchful neighbor (especially older people would love something to do like this) can prevent a crime. Extra eyes are critical – and even if you don’t find many people to be part of this kind of organization you can post flyers
all over where you live saying this community is a neighborhood watch community.

Make sure you post these flyers everywhere where you live and surrounding your neighborhood form every way your ex might travel to get to your home. This kind of psychological alerting to would be
thieves (and angry Ex’s) could deter them from committing crimes against you.


What if you simply can’t afford an alarm system 

Here is cheap deterrence for a few dollars – Amazon sell these stickers
Place these security stickers on the windows of your home or car to announce to would-be intruders that your property is protected by an alarm system.

These stickers are a great deterrent whether or not they are actually used with an alarm. Thieves are looking for the easiest home or car to burglarize. The presence of these stickers can cause them to pass by your property in search of an easier target.

Portable Concealed Self Protection

Non-lethal protection is your best bet. Why? Most states legally allow you to carry things like mace, pepper spray, stun guns and similar protective devices.

The absolute best protection device is something like a ring or a watch – and you keep it on your person all the time even when you sleep; always ready to defend yourself. A direct spray into an assailant’s face
will more than likely allow you to getaway.


What About Firearms?

Guns are an absolute weapon of the final choice for people living in the United States where guns are allowed. I do believe there is a place for a firearm in your home (read below) Please understand that
weapons of this magnitude require training, safe handling and absolute control for using it – as well as knowledge of the law so that your self-defense does not end up as YOU going to prison for a very long time.

Use of mace, stun guns or non-lethal defense shows you had no intent of killing someone – and important consideration if you ever end up in court. Discharging a firearm could end with an innocent person dead
and you having to live with hanging over your head, for the rest of your

A Better Tactic -

Flee To a Saferoom or safe location –even if you live in an apartment you can set up a place (like in the back of your closet) where if any of your alarms go off – you immediately flee to. In this location are
implements of self – defense and a communication device.

Let’s face facts, even though you may have a restraining order on your Ex what are the chances that the police will be at your residence in time if they decide to break into your home?

In some cases, the police are so overwhelmed now that unless there is a murder involved you are NOT on the top of their list. So you have to make plans for the JUST IN CASE scenarios.