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How To Support The Bereaved

Losing someone so dear is one of the most painful thing anyone could experience. Be it a friend, family or just someone close to you.

The thought of knowing that the person is no more and you wouldn't get to see them ever again in this world makes it rather difficult to bear.

Even with the saying that "they are in a better place" still doesn't help.

This situation even makes some people to detach themselves from the world. It makes them isolated simply because they do not want to talk about it neither do they want to discuss it. Well, that's always the thought we have but sometimes it's actually the other way round.

What I've got to learn just last week is that the bereaved needs that love from people around them. They may not necessarily need the support but that constant show of love and concern from people close to them makes them feel a lot better.

A friend of mine who lost her mum recently told me that there was only one person whom she will never forget again in her life. She said that a lot of people gave her financial support which she appreciated and still appreciated but an act from one person stood out for her.

According to her, this person didn't give her any financial support but what she gave her surpassed any finances whatsoever. When I asked her what that was, she said that this person constantly sent her consoling messages and always checking on her to ensure she was ok. She said this person doesn't call her but simply sends her a text and those text really helped her a lot because she was in a terrible state and needed encouraging words like that.

She went on to say that, the bereaved need constant love and support so as to enable them not go into depression or do something that will endanger their lives. She also mentioned that though finances are a good support but it is more necessarily what the bereaved need at that point because all they could think about is that they've lost a loved one whom they are not going to see anymore so they needed someone to show them that love so as to help them heal quickly.

Those words really got to me deeply because I've always thought that the bereaved are best left alone because they wouldn't be in the mood to speak to anyone and they would prefer to be left alone.

I was totally wrong and that made me reflect deeply.