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How To Love Yourself More When You Worry About What Others Think

How do you feel about the concept of self love? Some will think that this is narcissistic and a
very selfish act. But the truth is that it isn’t. What self love really is about is having a high
opinion of yourself and be able to feel happy whenever you want.
If you worry about what other people think about you too much you can become overly
dependent on them to give you permission to be happy. This is not where you want to be. In
this situation you have very little self love and can only be happy when others tell you that
you have done something right or that you deserve it.
It is important that you work on your self love so that you can be more independent from
others. There is an old saying along the lines of “you need to love yourself first before you
can truly love someone else”. This is very true so in this article we will give you some
powerful techniques to improve your self love.

Change your Beliefs

If you are letting other people control your life then you will probably have beliefs that are
driving you to do this. Each time that you act on these beliefs you will strengthen them. The
good news is that you can change these beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs
that will increase your self love and your independence.
This all starts by identifying the beliefs tha

t are causing the dependency. Get a pen and paper
and write down the thoughts that you have which drive you to require approval from others
all of the time. Once you have established these beliefs you can use techniques to slowly
eradicate them and replace them with more positive beliefs.


Create Empowering Affirmations

If you don’t use positive affirmations then it is time to start today. Write a list of positive
things about yourself so that you can say them out loud or in your head at least once a day.
Imagine if someone was complimenting you. What would they say?
Write all of these down and create an affirmations list. You will need to carry these around
with you all of the time because they can be a great way to give you a self love boost if you
are feeling down. We recommend that you read your affirmations twice a day, once in the
morning and once at night.

Neutralize Negative Self Talk

Do you experience a lot of negative thoughts about yourself on a regular basis? We all have
self talk going on in our heads and if this is largely negative then your self love will be down
in the dumps. You need to take control of these negative self thoughts in order to improve
your self love.

Each time you experience a negative thought neutralize it with a positive one. So for example
if the thought is “you cannot make a decision for yourself” neutralize this with “I am a
powerful decision maker and always make the best decisions”.

Show Gratitude Regularly

How grateful are you for the things that you have in your life? We are not just talking about
possessions here but other things such as the love of your family and your health. Start being
grateful each day for what you have.
Write down each day three things that you are grateful for and read them and think about how
they make you feel. It doesn’t matter what these things are. You could be grateful for that
mundane job that puts food on your table. Or just be grateful for being alive another day.

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