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How to help and encourage your children with their homework

Big Bad Wolf

My six-year-old was given this homework in school which will be due on Wednesday 29th January 2020.

They were asked to make a wanted poster to find the Big Bad Wolf!

When I asked him to do it, he said he will print it out from the internet. I was like why would you do that as you are meant to be creative. You can use the internet to get ideas and more information but not printing out an already made poster, otherwise, you aren't using your brain as you should.

He was like others printed theirs from the internet and that their teacher said that it's ok to print from the internet.

At this time, we searched the internet and we saw many already made posters and he pointed out some of the ones his classmates printed out.

I called his name, he answered and I said, "you know I'm a teacher right?", he said yes! Then I went on to say, "being that I'm a teacher and I want the best for you, I wouldn't let you print out some random posters on the internet for the sake of getting the home Work done". We need to create it ourselves by using either word document or PowerPoint to create it or better still, you could put your research skills to use by searching for a good template we could use.

If we want our children to become better at what they do, we need to put the effort required to help them unleash their potential.

He continued to insist that their teacher said they should print it out. I told him that his teacher has said they could print it out but I bet you that your teacher would be very proud of you if you create it yourself and you will be proud of yourself too. Also, creating it yourself will make you learn how to use PowerPoint or Word document to create posters.

We both sat in front of the computer and we found a PowerPoint template we could use. We searched for pictures and he chose this one. He came up with words and typed them all up by himself.

He was super excited carrying out the task himself with me sitting beside him and he said this homework is actually fun.

When he was done, he said: "Mum, I'm really proud of myself and I'm glad I didn't print random poster".

I couldn't be more proud when I heard that.

The reason for this post is to encourage every parent to give our 100% in the work our children bring home. We should strive towards encouraging our children in whatever they are doing as long as that could make them better. We shouldn't always depend on the teachers to do everything because, to be honest, they have a lot to do and have many children to look after.

If we want our children to become better at what they do, we need to put the effort required to help them unleash their potential.

The bright future of our children lies on us, not the teachers!

Well done my Prince! Not only do you now know you could create your own poster with PowerPoint or word, but you have learned that being creative is highly important in your growth and development.


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