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51 Years Of Blissful Marriage Built On The Foundation of Christ

  1. In one of my post, I mentioned that God blessed myself and my siblings through these two lovely beings.

    They worked so hard in order to give us the very best in life to the glory of God.

    They toiled in their youth and continued to reap the fruits of their labour. They toiled to give their children the best in life which they achieved to the glory of God.

    I can tell it wasn't easy for them those days but they didn't let the challenges they were facing come in between the beautiful plans they had for their children.

    They choose to be selfless in order to give their children the best. They fought hard to make a living. They worked for people and set up businesses of their own. All they did wasn't for their benefit but for the benefits of their children and their community.

    My parents are both givers and God has continued to bless them consistently. In fact, God loves them far too much.

    Now you can see why I work so hard. I'm trying to emulate them. They have set a very good example for me and my siblings. They gave us the best, therefore, I must work hard to give my children the best. I must follow that legacy and will teach my children to do the same.

  2. They were never selfish therefore I will never be selfish. I will sacrifice whatever it takes to give my children the best just as my parents have done. I will work hard so that I can help the helpless and provide for the poor just like my parents did. I must be able to help my community at large just like my parents did. I must make my parents proud and also make my children proud so help me God. Amen.
  3. What about you? ......What are you doing to ensure you are giving your children the best. Remember they didn't beg you to come to this world. You practically begged them to come to you therefore you must endeavour to work hard to give them the very best and educate them to do the same for their own children.

    As you are working hard for your children, don't forget your parents who worked hard for you......Take Care of them too.

    Do you lack ideas about what to do in life? God has equipped me with many talents and by the grace of God, I believe I can help you Unleash Your Potential in Jesus name. Amen.