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Do You Know How to Make Money Online and Become a Boss?

Whether you are looking to make some extra money or tired of your 9 to 5 job and looking for something else, you may have been thinking about making money online. That’s a good place to look because there are tons of opportunities out there that people do not know about. We will look at just a few ways you can make money online. 

Become a Software Developer

If you know how to develop software then why not start developing plugins or apps. When people hear “software, they freak out saying that it is too technical. Apps you use on your phones are software and apps are easy to make. Plugins for Blogger and WordPress remain hot. You can always use forums and groups to find out what bloggers are in need of and then develop it and market it. You can also get work as a software developer on many of the freelancer sites. There are many websites where you can learn how to become a software developer. One of the websites is,, etc. In those websites, you will find several lectures on how to become a publisher.

Do Data Entry

Did you know that Google pays people to enter basic data about businesses and take photos? Do you know how many businesses, there are in your town or city?

If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed. —Edmund Burke

Build a Forum

Forums are one of the most visited types of websites. We are social animals by nature and so it should be no surprise that forums are so popular. You can build your own forum around an area that you are passionate about. It’s a great opportunity for a smart entrepreneur. Promote your forum on other forums by creating posts that grab the attention of visitors. Create an area that is closed off – that requires a small fee to become a member and gain access. For example, if you run a gaming forum, you could have an elite room that only paid members have access to.

Answer Questions

Every one of us has expertise in something and that means you can be an expert. Find your ‘something,’ your area of expertise and use what you know to offer answers along with advice to others who are not familiar with your area of expertise. Do this on a paid site and you can make money.

Software Review

Some websites, such as SoftwareJudge, pay users for using and then reviewing the software they have available in their collection. Writing detailed reviews that are honed will increase your earnings significantly. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is one of the largest micro freelancing websites out there with millions of people around the world earning extra money by doing simple tasks that machines or computers cannot do. This could be as simple as differentiating text and pictures, transcribing an audio file, or rewriting a sentence. While tasks don’t often pay a lot, it’s a good option to earn some extra money whenever you have a few extra hours. 

This is a pretty broad spectrum list so it gives you a pretty good idea of just how broad your options are. 



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